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Summer Tour Update #1

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Van Troubles (Again)

BIG SUPRISE! Our van broke down in Castlegard… We blew our radiator on our way to play a wedding just hours before we were supposed to be there. The engine started overheating and steaming on the highway so we pulled off the road and all we could think was “oh no not again” I can honestly say that i thought our tour was over two shows in… Until some very nice guy came and helped us out and got us mobile again. We drove into town and took it into a shop, the mechanic told us we need a new radiator and that it was gonna be at least a five hour job, In a mad scramble we left the van in the shop, ran down the street rented a truck and hauled ass to Fernie and made it just in time. Some luck we have… but we always seem to find a way.

Anyways the next day we picked up the van and now we have finally made it out of BC and are now in Calgary. Tonight we begin a 4000km journey into Ontario…