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             Anqing benro Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise specialized in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, which integrates R & D, production and sales. The company provides customized synthesis research services for pharmaceutical companies and R & D companies.

            The company has an experienced innovative R & D team, R & D specialists from domestic universities, with abundant theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The R & D base is equipped with 50l-100l glass reactor, as well as NMR, LC-MS, HPLC, GC and other detection instruments that can meet the international quality inspection standards. It can meet the customer's high-quality customized demand from gram to kilogram.

            We always insist that "quality is the life of an enterprise".

            We adhere to the "quality, integrity, win-win" concept of cooperation, with domestic and foreign well-known pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises and other types of long-term good cooperation. We are confident that we will become your partner! Anqing benro and people of insight at home and abroad, friends from all walks of life, sincere cooperation, hand in hand development, create the future. We sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to visit and discuss business.

            Contact Us

            Tel:0556-5209906 15391842992

            Q Q:3506754509


            Contacts:Manager Yao