Tour… Just days away

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As you know we are just days away from embarking on our second Cross Canada tour opening up for renouned stoner rock band GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH from Toronto, pretty exciting stuff. This tour will see us traveling over 10,000km and playing a total of twenty six shows in thirty days from our beautiful homeland of BC all the way to Quebec (see the shows page for tour dates). This tour officially kicks off SATURDAY JULY 23RD AT THE POINT. We will be playing with our good friends The Grand, and The Slovos. Show starts at 10pm with Pigeon Park hittin the stage just before midnight.

Last year on our Ridin To The Sun tour, we neglected to change the oil in our beloved E350 and on Highway one in Medicine Hat she broke down and blew two holes in the engine. We then had to courier all our gear back to Vancouver and Greyhound back from Alberta to make it home in time for our homecoming show, so…..

Were hoping to have better luck this year cause that jokes not even funny anymore. Anyways be sure to check out the shows page to see when we’ll be rolling through your hometown.